The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Recommend writing about odd characters in plot 7 letters PROPOSE
Struggle helplessly seeing line adopted by father 8 letters FLOUNDER
Business worry 7 letters CONCERN
Bachelor’s first trendy place by the sea 8 letters BRIGHTON
First part of a play with number going round fighting 6 letters ACTION
Opportunity backed after complaint — game might be raised here 10 letters
Marathon record broken by nationalist’s leader 4 letters LONG
Son’s promise in front of mainly suspicious swimmer 9 letters SWORDFISH
Duty of old star from the east 4 letters ONUS
Top bill and see off large corporations 10 letters POTBELLIES
Drink connection keeping pupils regularly missing 6 letters TIPPLE
Mobile resonating as missing such a noise 8 letters RINGTONE
France is French — nothing about garnish 7 letters FESTOON
Blow chances finally getting question with queen 8 letters SQUANDER
Suggests Independent politician is economical with the truth! 7 letters IMPLIES
Ferret cut farmer’s production in field 8 letters ROOTCROP
Easy profits from ruler seen in photos 8 letters PICKINGS
Well bread is a possible starter in restaurant 10 letters SPRINGROLL
Slight speech defect 4 letters SLUR
Move to employ one Australian flier 6 letters BUDGIE
Issue could be treason having killed leader 7 letters EDITION
Angry upset about a right sort of loaf 7 letters GRANARY
Attack and do as ordered beset by girl getting married 9 letters BROADSIDE
Wake selected pupils after mistake 10 letters SLIPSTREAM
Area covered by recasting of Hot Lips in MASH? 8 letters HOSPITAL
Clear instruction from Pope on sleep 8 letters BULLDOZE
Discourage work on fourth estate 7 letters OPPRESS
Weapon hurt one of Macron’s 7 letters STUNGUN
Tagine must be cooked for this purpose 6 letters EATING
Christmas will be held up by little ones 4 letters NOEL

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