The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Cool quality of most aircraft wings? 14 letters
Twisting in Bengali’s net unusual thing for eating 7 letters UTENSIL
Had a tramp cooked up drug taken by old rocker? 7 letters TRUDGED
Maybe steak-and-kidneys and veg seconds coming at the end 4 letters PUDS
Shattering exercises to unwind 10 letters STRAIGHTEN
Check about mother’s stay 6 letters REMAIN
Funds for the old writer one being housed by offspring 8 letters PENSIONS
Changed sides and caught foxtrot instead of tango 8 letters DEFECTED
Straightforward command 6 letters DIRECT
Recognition of pupil a Tory arranged 10 letters POPULARITY
Look after husband’s personal growth 4 letters HAIR
Some deliveries friend sent back come together 7 letters OVERLAP
Figure hoarding 1000 diamonds gets stabbed 7 letters PRICKED
Unfortunately HR miscast comedians — they’re employed only once a year 14 letters
Mum’s curry — poetry on occasion one assumes! 7 letters USURPER
Right to be utterly liberated? 15 letters
A majority of capital raised in addition 4 letters ALSO
Royal house — time for Charlie to show appreciation? 6 letters PALATE
Grass and booze covering food carrier 8 letters BETRAYER
Lie about going to clubs perhaps in smart gear 10 letters LOUNGESUIT
Drunk guy maybe pedestrian performer who looks about to drop off? 15 letters
Heart-throb’s song and dance go wrong getting upset 6 letters ADONIS
Cut a plant they say it’s tasty 10 letters PICCALILLI
Doddering eccentric pierced and tattooed (head only) 8 letters DECREPIT
Having forgotten odd bits of Byron lip-reads inverting order 6 letters DEPLOY
Lectures this person’s held in markets 7 letters TIRADES
Increased touring to Italy a paradise 6 letters UTOPIA
Musical item is set in Washington 4 letters DISC

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