The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Idiot is some dumb one he admitted 8 letters BONEHEAD
Bowls and fields around mid-morning? 6 letters ARENAS
Daft students tense inside 4 letters NUTS
Want to carry can for teetotalism 10 letters ABSTINENCE
Member got stuck into representative 6 letters LEGATE
Docile old doubled round exit 8 letters OBEDIENT
Those who exhibit really painful stupidity initially 6 letters TWERPS
Aim head of arrow point 6 letters ASPIRE
Mostly heart if I cease deviousness 8 letters ARTIFICE
Champion with bull’s-eye almost? 6 letters WINNER
Popular splinter group owning Republican breach 10 letters INFRACTION
Breathe in softly following ether? 4 letters GASP
Manuscript containing German slogans? 6 letters MOTTOS
House Democrat rising 8 letters DWELLING
Cheat nick accepting blokes’ record 8 letters DOCUMENT
Notice female put up charges 4 letters FEES
Live charge creating blast 6 letters BERATE
Answer is modified showing discretion 8 letters WARINESS
Box of novelties I ordered 10 letters TELEVISION
Endless decline with criminal getting bird 6 letters FALCON
Autocratic leader of French area 6 letters DESPOT
For better morale I eat out 10 letters AMELIORATE
Cost’s small including new Queen’s daughter? 8 letters PRINCESS
Service is still nothing without stuffing 8 letters EVENSONG
Stern and bow incorporating heart of ship 6 letters BEHIND
Organised party last to seem casual 6 letters RANDOM
Queen with staff on cruise 6 letters WANDER
Outburst from girlfriend over sweetheart 4 letters GALE

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