The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Reprimand bishop interrupting leading attack 7 letters UPBRAID
Set off from assignation outside school 8 letters DETONATE
One female in two score getting brace 7 letters FORTIFY
Monster keeps clear seeing this girl 8 letters BRUNETTE
Person say with area retail outlet in Spain 6 letters BODEGA
Storm club involved with Tudors 10 letters CLOUDBURST
Crazy rough plan has leader of rebels taken out 4 letters DAFT
New lad is keeping nothing in except something for the windsurfer 9 letters SAILBOARD
House doctor’s taken advantage of 4 letters USED
This should keep viewers in touch 10 letters EYECONTACT
Contents of hints aimed early enough 6 letters INTIME
After brown bread nothing is a lost cause 8 letters DEADDUCK
Sort of light fitting that’s seen on end of rifle? 7 letters BAYONET
Soldiers legally bound to be trustworthy 8 letters RELIABLE
One on the fiddle from prison is tense 7 letters CELLIST
Offer support with constable oddly off 8 letters PROPOSAL
Withdraws having sent up first course including last of these 8 letters RETREATS
Doing nothing about father is a crime 10 letters INFRACTION
Person who succeeds in broadcasting tune 4 letters HEIR
Leisure pursuit for the most part involving no associate 6 letters HOBNOB
Leggings good for women in restaurant staff? 7 letters GAITERS
Shame men toyed with hidden souvenir 7 letters MEMENTO
BBC look at different individual offering a shine 9 letters BOOTBLACK
Take out of service cocktail of iced tea attracting tax 10 letters DEACTIVATE
Part of USA that’s excited but slow to support Democrat 8 letters DUSTBOWL
Main line in disarray? It’s flowing 8 letters SEAMLESS
Offers made by pub workers without impediment 7 letters TENDERS
Sells one stocked by roofer given a lift 7 letters RETAILS
Top Gear could be rather passé 6 letters OLDHAT
Pass trainer’s first young player 4 letters COLT

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