The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword January 18 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword January 18 2021 Answers:

Common to find extra starting price studied 10 letters WIDESPREAD
Scoffs as regatta’s jettisoning odd entries 4 letters EATS
Reserve suite but confused about street briefly 10 letters SUBSTITUTE
Film finishes early — drive away 4 letters SHOO
Love and desire gripping student — would that be wise? 6 letters OWLISH
Second person with no starter to eat? Most immature 8 letters YOUNGEST
Two groups of politicians to accommodate or a lot of researchers here 12 letters LABORATORIES
Building engineer scorning TUC needing time to break 12 letters CONSTRUCTING
Going on and on getting cross inside and outside 8 letters EXTERNAL
Investigation of lariat rope-running heading to the West 6 letters REPORT
This person’s popular being embraced by yours truly 4 letters MINE
The fairy-tale king Hans had one being Christian 10 letters MIDDLENAME
Title that reads the same backwards 4 letters DEED
Objects seeing lies getting Victor kicked out for tango 10 letters INTENTIONS
You know if you’ve got it 6 letters WISDOM
Flirt with depression in Yorkshire? Book twice for lodging 6 letters DABBLE
Posed with one’s works revealed as adequate 12 letters SATISFACTORY
Estimate speed toll 4 letters RATE
They could be redirected to a star/sun? 10 letters ASTRONAUTS
Fit it up in renovated chalet 8 letters ATHLETIC
Quiet before and after riot — disorderly but not very long 8 letters SHORTISH
Release article on part of speech — stick with it 12 letters ANNOUNCEMENT
I invested in mobile top-up loan for residents 10 letters POPULATION
Southern elite journalist was crying? 8 letters SCREAMED
Case of Clarins tan certain to cover it 8 letters INSTANCE
Work over short speech of gratitude before getting to food 6 letters POTATO
Notebooks unopened? They’re probably out swimming and running around 6 letters OTTERS
Incisiveness let’s say of French revolutionary 4 letters EDGE

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