The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Has his order changed for condiment? 11 letters HORSERADISH
Sat on back of bronco here? 5 letters RODEO
Dirty look threatening after nightclub 9 letters DISCOLOUR
Hideaway in Channel Island period without technology 9 letters HERMITAGE
Small instrument for cutting 5 letters SHARP
Something tasteless or dull getting eaten initially 6 letters STODGE
More cutting on board making tapas? 8 letters STARTERS
Queen maybe describes this compiler’s band 8 letters REGIMENT
Fly in jet set section 6 letters TSETSE
Singer’s note for the audience 5 letters TENOR
Sense a battle with European head 9 letters AWARENESS
Millions laugh talking about Blitz 9 letters ONSLAUGHT
Old actress learning name 5 letters LOREN
Unusually a pretty cold old reptile 11 letters
Frontier without British arrangement 5 letters ORDER
Loading goods finally using tug 7 letters STOWING
Perhaps Titian nude for sketch again 6 letters REDRAW
Cobblers possibly tense standing up 8 letters DESSERTS
Sopranos broadcast missing a ‘godfather’ 7 letters SPONSOR
Score with men helping around box 13 letters
Most faithful perplexed about lock 8 letters LOYALEST
It’s vital to keep team winning 13 letters
Found Iron Age building employing spades 8 letters ORGANISE
Risk tip on needle 8 letters ENDANGER
Waspish matron fussing round head of department 7 letters MORDANT
Varnish the woman will put on account 7 letters SHELLAC
Starved destined to eat last of scraps 6 letters FASTED
Almost doesn’t start in good time 5 letters EARLY

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