The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Succeeded with a spot of moving flattery 8 letters SOFTSOAP
Blunt independent married couple 6 letters IMPAIR
Take one’s hat off to daughter entering a stretch of boggy ground 6 letters ADMIRE
Method that may get a fish very quietly hooked 8 letters APPROACH
Exclamation made by one hitting another in pop group? 8 letters TAKETHAT
Hear about object very fashionable 6 letters TRENDY
Inaccurately portray reformed miser here 12 letters
Sauce on heat in B&B say 12 letters
Comic book crimefighter officer’s personal assistant 6 letters BATMAN
Invented story about Republican causes conflict 8 letters FRICTION
Part of the woodwork in pub by bridge 8 letters CROSSBAR
One doing wilful damage in museum close to Whitehall 6 letters VANDAL
Ill at ease concerning border 6 letters ONEDGE
Go off and film rat 8 letters TURNCOAT
Trying experience in gold trade 6 letters ORDEAL
Food: tons ready to be harvested 5 letters TRIPE
Too quick a shot very ungainly 9 letters OVERHASTY
Rabbit soft baby’s toy 7 letters PRATTLE
Place under batting data 5 letters INPUT
Posers for supply teacher 9 letters PROFESSOR
Depression following popular Channel Islands event 8 letters INCIDENT
Made light of notes describing one newspaper chief 9 letters MINIMISED
Dog barking terrier biting vet endlessly 9 letters RETRIEVER
Manage after hearing test 8 letters TRIALRUN
Ready to take part on horseback on account of Italian 7 letters UPFORIT
Musical piece likewise with a beat coming up 6 letters SONATA
Illustrious person of wealth extremely likeable 5 letters NOBLE
Livener kept in bucket on ice 5 letters TONIC

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