The Sun Mini Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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The Sun Mini Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

A quartet of advertisements for old bedroom furniture (4-7) 11 letters
Formal delivery of a loud-speaker? 7 letters ORATION
This goes to one’s head with ease we hear! 5 letters TOPEE
In the main an exhibitionist is silly 5 letters INANE
Unrestrained racket by an industrious worker 7 letters RAMPANT
A winger produces a complaint 6 letters GROUSE
Girl to give information in South Africa 6 letters STELLA
Show preference to one being silent – that’s the best 7 letters OPTIMUM
Describing a composition that is famous 5 letters NOTED
Is boastful and causes an uproar in the Civil Service 5 letters CROWS
He may be under a coach 7 letters LEARNER
Finding out what’s in store – by rustling? (5-6) 11 letters STOCKTAKING
Coming from a handsome city in the States 5 letters OMAHA
Dear sir the attackers are in disorder 7 letters RAIDERS
Possessive types 6 letters OWNERS
Pole with a certain amount of charm 5 letters TOTEM
Her pal is upset about a great painter 7 letters RAPHAEL
One over the eight? (65) 11 letters
Not the right sort of manual operatives (4-7) 11 letters LEFTHANDERS
Not incoming mail for remote station 7 letters OUTPOST
A metal fastener – the can needs some adhesive (3-4) 7 letters TINTACK
Charm an obstinate creature with the last bit of carrot! 6 letters AMULET
The way this is played will depend on the score 5 letters MUSIC
Saw a musical group making a comeback 5 letters TENON

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