The Sun Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Firm with thousand to spend has scope 7 letters COMPASS
Salute to a virtuous person 5 letters TOAST
Band music sent back 5 letters STRAP
Pair crossing river that is in grassland 7 letters PRAIRIE
Flexible Ena takes walk round 8 letters AMENABLE
Stop student in headgear 4 letters HALT
Daughter having secret meal 6 letters DINNER
Afternoon service? 6 letters TEASET
Bird having fun 4 letters LARK
Goa beast on the loose causes destruction 8 letters SABOTAGE
Resolute man allowed to start with Bible books 7 letters ADAMANT
Ace puzzle brings surprise 5 letters AMAZE
Hostile force in Yemen prepared 5 letters ENEMY
Set back? 7 letters SCENERY
Sweet sauce from copper with celebrity daughter 7 letters CUSTARD
Farmer George hosts get together 5 letters MERGE
Characters help a bat in trouble 8 letters ALPHABET
Stallone keeps up power source 6 letters SUPPLY
Bit about old croaker 4 letters TOAD
Something outstanding as rarer perhaps 7 letters ARREARS
New rate initially tempted nurse 5 letters TREAT
Brewed ale: demon drink 8 letters LEMONADE
Talk during a movie? 7 letters NARRATE
They’re wrong about British in consequence 7 letters THEREBY
Insect scientist at last is brought to island 6 letters MANTIS
Withdraw permission 5 letters LEAVE
One of the Stones in Gaga: Telephone 5 letters AGATE
Month round north is plenty 4 letters MANY

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