The Sun Cryptic Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

Low born donkey 4 letters BASS
Who sings except for one note? 8 letters BARITONE
Moggy in an F14? 6 letters TOMCAT
Secretary’s effort to produce cake 6 letters PASTRY
Without vehicle? Without key? That’s sloppy! 8 letters CARELESS
Love god in Winchester ostracised 4 letters EROS
Almost see Frenchman being calm 6 letters SERENE
Silent when moving? Join the commandos! 6 letters ENLIST
Inflammation coming in worst yet 4 letters STYE
For a scallywag partly fitting description? 8 letters RASCALLY
Unintelligible note by doctor in Bury 6 letters ENTOMB
One among sheep as to religion? 6 letters PASTOR
Money gets plain wool 8 letters CASHMERE
Want to manipulate dough we hear 4 letters NEED
Odour rising from Sam or Alison 5 letters AROMA
Conceal rest EEC produced 7 letters SECRETE
Live television to start with gamble 3 letters BET
Take back revolting espressos 9 letters REPOSSESS
Judgement a test could reveal 5 letters TASTE
Emperor snatching victory: US uneasy 7 letters NERVOUS
Dreadful crustacean in river drained lake 9 letters EXECRABLE
Country in Weston I admire 7 letters ESTONIA
America is gripped by feline affair 7 letters LIAISON
In recession manage hospital for period 5 letters EPOCH
Free and easy 5 letters LOOSE
Some okapi eating crusty meal 3 letters PIE

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