The Sun Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Grind of traveller out in Ecuador 7 letters ROUTINE
Pine product surrounds large biological copy 5 letters CLONE
Vegetable we had planted in southeast 5 letters SWEDE
Passing across trade is tricky 7 letters ASTRIDE
Food item held by parvenu: trim entryist 9 letters NUTRIMENT
William somewhat poorly 3 letters ILL
Small animal in river with two ducks 3 letters ROO
Try to find Inspector Morse? 9 letters ENDEAVOUR
Cleaner with mop has shot round 7 letters SHAMPOO
Cleverly escape Kansas City 5 letters DODGE
Solemnly promise to utter obscenities 5 letters SWEAR
Share portion with baker removing crusts 7 letters PARTAKE
Cage is put in for toucan at last 6 letters PRISON
Think what entertainer could do topless 4 letters MUSE
One with electric personality? 8 letters LIVEWIRE
Doubly outstanding damage? 6 letters DEFACE
Highlander first to sit on bed 4 letters SCOT
Schemer’s new topic: oil production 8 letters POLITICO
Much red meat to show 6 letters REVEAL
Mobius strip’s not that devious! 8 letters TWOFACED
Force in terrible tornado back and forth 8 letters TOANDFRO
Weather in Chartres is terrible 6 letters RESIST
Some say poor design put up is limp 6 letters DROOPY
Smoking habit? 6 letters REEFER
Old man artist and soldier 4 letters PARA
Business transaction in wood 4 letters DEAL

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