The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Unpleasant place is ditch 4 letters DUMP
Pirate as poor becomes sponger 8 letters PARASITE
This could capture me in Cara’s embrace 6 letters CAMERA
Good composer in small rock group 6 letters GRAVEL
Building workers dividing opinion 8 letters TENEMENT
Party line repeated for Ken or Barbie? 4 letters DOLL
Mild-mannered chap drained lake 6 letters GENTLE
Confront model put to work 6 letters OPPOSE
Amusing person’s example 4 letters CASE
Ostrich one flying? That’s momentous 8 letters HISTORIC
Underling displaying a lot of leg? 6 letters MINION
Muppet drummer I’m upset with Lana 6 letters ANIMAL
Circuits covered with grass deteriorated 8 letters RELAPSED
First lady given new uniform 4 letters EVEN
Employment gives us time 5 letters USAGE
Ideal to send up right person in authority 7 letters PREFECT
Seed in ripe apple 3 letters PEA
This rogue’s reformed just! 9 letters RIGHTEOUS
Pascal damaged sustains injury 5 letters SCALD
Tell sir to change framework 7 letters TRELLIS
Animals sozzled in London? 9 letters ELEPHANTS
Look at one among mad axemen 7 letters EXAMINE
View from one side supporting dossier 7 letters PROFILE
Some American girl 5 letters ERICA
Photograph from Muslim agency 5 letters IMAGE
Answer two daughters put together 3 letters ADD

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