The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Blame attached to farewell musical work 7 letters CANTATA
Cheat: go back into French street 5 letters ROGUE
Aleppo man in houses of Arabs 5 letters OMANI
Eden tempter’s nasty present 7 letters SERPENT
Get garage to change total 9 letters AGGREGATE
Run alongside end of terrace 3 letters BYE
Lead-free transport gets attention 3 letters EAR
Street partying went ahead: moved elsewhere 9 letters RESETTLED
Poet’s author in ship with monarch 7 letters SPENSER
Rock singer? 5 letters SIREN
Letter to Greek duke terribly late 5 letters DELTA
Matelot with no mates finding mollusc 7 letters ABALONE
Praise expert drinking cola sated at last 8 letters ACCOLADE
It blows up general tortured by Resistance 8 letters ENLARGER
Garment small Gershwin brother returned 4 letters SARI
New: a good article causing revulsion 6 letters NAUSEA
Bawdy pier turn slammed 8 letters PRURIENT
Fearsome monster in Progress 4 letters OGRE
Achievement having no seconds in banquet 4 letters FEAT
Pre-Roman recusant dancing 8 letters ETRUSCAN
Sweeper collects everything in the hall 8 letters BALLROOM
Threaten corrupt grandee? Not at first 8 letters ENDANGER
Sons pick extremely funny person 6 letters SCREAM
Carbonated water from Kiso Dam 4 letters SODA
Dad leaves Spanish dish for girl 4 letters ELLA
Bird small looking pale 4 letters SWAN

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