The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Sanctimonious one inside cooked soup 5 letters PIOUS
See our newspaper first in holiday resort 7 letters SUNSPOT
High-rise accommodation for workers? 7 letters ANTHILL
Good to wander in small wood 5 letters GROVE
At one men finally start reparations 9 letters ATONEMENT
Little man from Cliddesden 3 letters DES
See cop shop sounds worth viewing 6 letters SCENIC
One cad upset churchman 6 letters DEACON
Handle at last on copper pot with this 3 letters CUE
Piano Caroline plays in China 9 letters PORCELAIN
Eggs on Reg whisked in America 5 letters URGES
Tribune destroyed machine 7 letters TURBINE
One charged with physical attack? 7 letters BATTERY
Some bothered at that point 5 letters THERE
Plan to zap each unfinished city square 5 letters PLAZA
Result away from home: draw near? 7 letters OUTCOME
Small insects in some cake? 5 letters SLICE
Second liver prepared for cash 6 letters SILVER
Ignite romping with hot bedwear 7 letters NIGHTIE
Haughty pair: couple from south 5 letters PROUD
Betrayal Taliban’s principal motivation 7 letters TREASON
Give in: or die! 7 letters SUCCUMB
Stalemate that is about MP on a ship 7 letters IMPASSE
Cup of tea left to get very cold? 7 letters CHALICE
Quite attractive 6 letters PRETTY
Oarsmen from island announced 5 letters EIGHT
One partial to fish Ruth has no starter 5 letters EGRET
Relative in Dalwhinnie celebrating 5 letters NIECE

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