The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 17 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 17 2021 Answers:

Snooker game stardom involving Ronnie initially 5 letters FRAME
Superhero grabs wheel in transporter 7 letters BOATMAN
Top brass stops over as secrets are dispatched 7 letters ENCODED
Possessed one daughter keeping wife 5 letters OWNED
Decadent rum transferred to glass? 8 letters DECANTED
Massive cuddle with European 4 letters HUGE
One calls for a double! 6 letters RINGER
Better to spend an evening here? 6 letters CASINO
Scottish inventor takes time in temple 4 letters WATT
Night SAS lost battle 8 letters HASTINGS
Speak from floor at eight 5 letters ORATE
Siren enraged outside church finds Frank 7 letters SINCERE
Newton brought in to obtain fish is polite 7 letters GENTEEL
Fluctuating euros causing stir 5 letters ROUSE
Slip perhaps following one senior person 7 letters FIELDER
Bend seen in larch 3 letters ARC
Stop temper in place at risk 8 letters ENDANGER
Hound finds elusive burrowing creature 6 letters BADGER
Very long time taken in Cannae once 4 letters AEON
Northerner’s maniac wrestling with nun 9 letters MANCUNIAN
New critic losing head gets push 5 letters NUDGE
Force rips off part of dress 9 letters CONSTRAIN
Speedy Frenchman pulled up zip 8 letters FASTENER
Rude old bishop on site 7 letters OBSCENE
Boy passionate upset girl 6 letters DAMSEL
Sin with with Romeo on grass initially 5 letters WRONG
Present from the reverend 4 letters HERE
Bird Madagascan primate skinned 3 letters EMU

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