The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Central idea in article by this compiler 5 letters THEME
Boys carrying tipsy mum’s order 7 letters SUMMONS
Offensive US quartet seen in Lincoln? 7 letters ABUSIVE
Material used by funny Londoner 5 letters NYLON
Courage perceived to be genuine 9 letters HEARTFELT
Garden singer has some attitude 3 letters TIT
Small boat in loosely-drawn image 6 letters SKETCH
Respect is introduced to English backs 6 letters ESTEEM
Works in Dartmouth 3 letters ART
New article is clear-sighted 9 letters REALISTIC
Model’s current contract 5 letters IDEAL
Child skated round in helmet 7 letters SKIDLID
Mother is wise to get therapy 7 letters MASSAGE
Overweight villain in film 5 letters HEAVY
Waste time: too hasty 5 letters TRASH
Ace duet spoiled in school 7 letters EDUCATE
Be patronising towards women denied start 5 letters EXIST
Country editor in his element turned up 6 letters SWEDEN
Not long tunes I’m composing 7 letters MINUTES
Old wife to enable young flyer 5 letters OWLET
Dotty can and must in refuge 7 letters SANCTUM
Sports ground: admit us somehow! 7 letters STADIUM
Gold stored in new local plant part 7 letters COROLLA
See tall dancing girl 7 letters ESTELLA
Rescue dog that is with northern girl 6 letters LASSIE
Twente Enschede’s youngsters 5 letters TEENS
People inside Blair is harassing 5 letters IRISH
Ace of clubs? 5 letters CADDY

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