The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Sailor corrupt to avoid booze 7 letters ABSTAIN
Girl in Bali celebrated 5 letters ALICE
Old sinner: there’s one in every church reportedly 5 letters KNAVE
Severe storm enshrouds high peak 7 letters EVEREST
Dicky entered as Walford resident? 9 letters EASTENDER
Slip! Republican’s in East River! 3 letters ERR
There’s nothing in Kenilworth 3 letters NIL
Chap returned hymnbook in sack 9 letters DISMISSAL
Misery praised wrongly 7 letters DESPAIR
Murderous brother keeping book in hut 5 letters CABIN
Killed in Los Angeles during wickedness 5 letters SLAIN
Devious English quartet boarding vessel 7 letters EVASIVE
Laugh raucously about moose caught climbing 6 letters CACKLE
Huge region up in USA is Appalachia 4 letters ASIA
Oil producer in plant entertaining our relatives 8 letters RAPESEED
Popular action that’s brave for sure 6 letters INDEED
All there in partisan election 4 letters SANE
Energetic girl repressing anger left 8 letters TIRELESS
Gambler a cut above 6 letters BETTER
Rep brings beer into ship alongside island 8 letters SALESMAN
New Croatian wet weather gear 8 letters RAINCOAT
Philosophy of bare existence? 6 letters NUDISM
Dessert order includes unfilled bombe 6 letters SORBET
Soldier punishing clan and monarch 6 letters LANCER
Family member thin refusing starter 4 letters AUNT
Bubble in black thick liquid 4 letters BOIL

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