The Sun Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Worldly hold-up man eventually scratching back 5 letters ATLAS
Swell: everyone included in blessing 7 letters BALLOON
Red opal set for elegant creature 7 letters LEOPARD
When son before noon requires tea 5 letters ASSAM
In B&B need the whole bar 9 letters BLACKBALL
Relative in this island 3 letters SIS
Pal had destroyed shrine icon 6 letters BUDDHA
Small son retains very French accent 6 letters STRESS
Learner needing two wheels for convenience? 3 letters LOO
Clear vegetation not very tangled 9 letters NEGOTIATE
Serve Republican British bitter 5 letters ACERB
New on street work continuously 7 letters NONSTOP
Demonstrating control? 7 letters TEARGAS
Gaudy description of nails? 5 letters TACKY
Lad altered one book that’s improvised 5 letters ADLIB
Do alter tight garment 7 letters LEOTARD
Beginning to shake cough in humble dwelling 5 letters SHACK
EP band released is sort of potty 6 letters BEDPAN
Tract of grassland left untidy 7 letters LEAFLET
Old fool drinking one in watering hole 5 letters OASIS
Retribution seems in order 7 letters NEMESIS
Be left secure in Ulster city 7 letters BELFAST
Give and take Vuitton product? 7 letters HANDBAG
Bouncy castle melting around one 7 letters ELASTIC
Spies in a public convenience 6 letters AGENTS
Penny appears in old-time musical work 5 letters OPERA
Principle initially established in marquee 5 letters TENET
My pet might be hungry 5 letters EMPTY

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