The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Spirit shown in March and November 5 letters DEMON
Wacky art sect to spread 7 letters SCATTER
Priceless mineral found in mountain pass 7 letters COMICAL
£ in Crosby gets you showy accessories 5 letters BLING
Spray product unfortunately not adored 9 letters DEODORANT
Slender swimmer has some feeling 3 letters EEL
Trouble had repelled lovely thing in bed 6 letters DAHLIA
Some in Braemar mad about ships 6 letters ARMADA
Boozer in Thurso troublesome 3 letters SOT
Show main tempo should be changed 9 letters PANTOMIME
Girl in the morning leaves continent 5 letters ERICA
Dicky Antoine a privileged pupil 7 letters ETONIAN
Swimmer Don grabs drunken Phil 7 letters DOLPHIN
Show original sinner holy books 5 letters EVENT
Duke murdered and chopped into pieces 5 letters DICED
Two mums shunning monarch: it’s huge 7 letters MAMMOTH
Officer regularly devouring a hot snack 5 letters NACHO
Tulsa’s strange name for leading man 6 letters SULTAN
One judges sliced rarebit 7 letters ARBITER
Instant food appears after time 5 letters TRICE
Algeria changed royal insignia 7 letters REGALIA
Remixed CD needs to come down 7 letters DESCEND
Accuse everyone possessing little devil? 7 letters IMPEACH
Absurd when one meets several more 7 letters ASININE
Detain the latest flier 6 letters INTERN
Court proceedings in Austria lengthy 5 letters TRIAL
Old Zulu one producing gas 5 letters OZONE
Service in French is for surrealist 5 letters ERNST

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