The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Leave scene contaminated by sailor 7 letters ABSENCE
Big meeting in Ravenna’s cottage 5 letters ASCOT
Some local on guitar in accompaniment 5 letters ALONG
One friend keeps it as copy 7 letters IMITATE
Tiny part in slogan Reaganites used? 8 letters ELECTRON
Man for example is extremely louche 4 letters ISLE
Take away on go? 6 letters REMOVE
Charlie with new socks inside selected 6 letters CHOSEN
Truth from Conservative in blubber 4 letters FACT
Turbulence in the plane: Jumbo? 8 letters ELEPHANT
Lively male with red and green stone 7 letters EMERALD
Books back in totally tropical paradise 5 letters ATOLL
Awesome duke studied 5 letters DREAD
Mountain woman needs breather 7 letters EVEREST
Article on mature cooked ham 7 letters AMATEUR
Criminal in southeast for plain cake 5 letters SCONE
Vie in tussle with agent? No 8 letters NEGATIVE
Inventor terribly snide about nothing 6 letters EDISON
Dry river — assistance needed to cross 4 letters ARID
Framework from Princess Royal? 7 letters CHASSIS
Central idea from the compiler? 5 letters THEME
Crew member: he maps it at sea 8 letters SHIPMATE
Butcher came with the jungle knife 7 letters MACHETE
Brief communication raising school rent 7 letters NOTELET
Promise to refrain from drinking toast 6 letters PLEDGE
Runners in paddock 5 letters FIELD
Person in Aintree cleared out home 5 letters ABODE
Plain in tribal discussions 4 letters BALD

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