The Sun Cryptic Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

United Nations bar not closed 4 letters BLOC
Loaded or poor in fabulous location 8 letters ELDORADO
Eyesore includes M1 block 6 letters STYMIE
Motorboat put to sea 6 letters LAUNCH
Spy boss in red coat replaced Joe Biden? 8 letters DEMOCRAT
Bottomless river: source in Pennines 4 letters DEEP
Is able to move and descend spectacularly 6 letters ABSEIL
Stop on beat: and on criminal! 6 letters ARREST
Cold boy clothed 4 letters CLAD
Horse and Conservative hunt set out 8 letters CHESTNUT
Me tipsy with gin: a mystery 6 letters ENIGMA
Bizarre top one worn is choice 6 letters OPTION
Support everything on wagon 8 letters TEETOTAL
Daughter devoured boyfriend 4 letters DATE
Spinner has some control at Headingley 5 letters LATHE
Potty memo doc corrected 7 letters COMMODE
Mae West keeps farm animal 3 letters EWE
Escaped over water breaking pottery 9 letters DELFTWARE
Pub order with stout? 5 letters ROUND
Noblewoman from French musical 7 letters DUCHESS
Slow worker at court under silly rule 9 letters RELUCTANT
Poise of Turing say in times past 7 letters BALANCE
Took turns? 7 letters ROTATED
A toe or two perhaps? 5 letters DIGIT
Worried about main threat? 5 letters UBOAT
Creature from Old World lakes originally 3 letters OWL

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