The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Enraged Eve rang one to settle score 7 letters AVENGER
Hot rock on radio for little six-footer? 5 letters LARVA
Trademark of comics Jo and Russell? 5 letters BRAND
Bidding millions man admitted to hoax 7 letters COMMAND
This boat can crossing a river 9 letters CATAMARAN
False statement one seen in Facebook? 3 letters FIB
Monarch entertains a listener 3 letters EAR
Fabric made with inner coil 9 letters CRINOLINE
Stop female artist wearing check 7 letters REFRAIN
Old number in ragtime there 5 letters ETHER
Uniform colour? 5 letters KHAKI
The fish that sinks beneath the waves? 7 letters TORPEDO
Alfresco meal: be eating rotten EU crab? 8 letters BARBECUE
Bottle in crate with end smashed 8 letters DECANTER
Old section in Heritage Dictionary 4 letters AGED
Shopkeeper Roger drunk outside clubs 6 letters GROCER
Sweetheart and soldier making music 8 letters FLAMENCO
Section in stadium not new 4 letters AREA
Completely unlocked? 4 letters BALD
Venomous snake in footwear 8 letters MOCCASIN
Spook correct to enter bog 8 letters FRIGHTEN
Veg cooked better loves to be eaten 8 letters BEETROOT
I get in drunk and start fire 6 letters IGNITE
Don Juan to gather leaves 4 letters RAKE
Admirer eating large pie 4 letters FLAN
Nobleman mostly primitive 4 letters EARL

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