The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Revolutionary phase? 5 letters CYCLE
State directive emptied Irish county 7 letters DECLARE
First book from rock band 7 letters GENESIS
Hunter and dog needing no introduction 5 letters EAGLE
One charged expert to pen last article 9 letters DEFENDANT
Eggs some Geordies sent back 3 letters ROE
Pub disturbance in northern town 6 letters BARROW
Some coastguard entirely zealous 6 letters ARDENT
Old horse of Golden Age 3 letters NAG
Warder brings carp to diner 9 letters BEEFEATER
Husband has slightly loose garment 5 letters HABIT
An elder can be full of knowledge 7 letters LEARNED
One’s surprised when this feature is raised 7 letters EYEBROW
Some gathered at that point 5 letters THERE
Actor Nicholas died in prison 5 letters CAGED
Exchange views about one tree 7 letters CONIFER
Sense changes in German city 5 letters ESSEN
Miserable face sergeant major wears 6 letters DISMAL
One always on the make? 7 letters CREATOR
Fury as no black sausage? 5 letters ANGER
Say silver piece 7 letters ELEMENT
Woman in torment shows spirit 7 letters BANSHEE
Headless vampire that goes round? 7 letters ORBITER
Medical speciality doubled European understanding 7 letters ENTENTE
Don came down with pained cry 6 letters FELLOW
Film star born in storm 5 letters GABLE
Old Bill very precise 5 letters EXACT
Trip round good land feature 5 letters RIDGE

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