The Sun Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Unruly as well as lacking a design 7 letters LAWLESS
Pole with spike for blind 5 letters SWEAR
Holy mountain saint favoured: excellent 5 letters SINAI
Dr No I suspect seen in ad for robot 7 letters ANDROID
Set meals? 9 letters TVDINNERS
Diamonds and cool stuff 3 letters ICE
Vehicle in Belgium and America 3 letters BUS
Sherwood man reporting thievin’ gangster? 9 letters ROBINHOOD
Ban Asti perhaps? 7 letters ABSTAIN
Helm for turn 5 letters WHEEL
Scrounger given shelter by church 5 letters LEECH
Old worker eating nice bananas 7 letters ANCIENT
Fool around southeast not out? 6 letters CLOSET
Bird some ornithologists wanted 4 letters SWAN
Stylist is gender bending 8 letters DESIGNER
Saint in peace prepared to do runner 6 letters ESCAPE
Some in glasshouse definitely exploited 4 letters USED
More gin ordered by old chief 8 letters GERONIMO
Newly-wed hosting good game 6 letters BRIDGE
Catastrophe as in stride being disrupted 8 letters DISASTER
Snack found in Kentish Town 8 letters SANDWICH
Bewitched at start bird becomes dog 6 letters BEAGLE
Embargo on mostly tame chicken 6 letters BANTAM
Take out permit to enter river 6 letters DELETE
Pain expert nursing husband 4 letters ACHE
Eve’s initial place of retreat! 4 letters EDEN

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