The Sun Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Sausage in crate 6 letters BANGER
Strong woman in river 6 letters AMAZON
Mr Gooding’s country? 4 letters CUBA
Statue in Lima more damaged 8 letters MEMORIAL
Admit EEC prepared to destroy 8 letters DECIMATE
Look after Liberal in den 4 letters LAIR
Iceman slammed in picture-house 6 letters CINEMA
Republican in Polish tomb 6 letters SHRINE
Some go slowly in the capital 4 letters OSLO
Shakespeare’s wife knows how! 8 letters HATHAWAY
Cop abroad in green almost made out 8 letters GENDARME
Press Club 4 letters IRON
Floor rot: yes that needs repair 6 letters STOREY
Get on with English recruit 6 letters ENGAGE
Keen copper coming in had meal 5 letters ACUTE
Hard rock in grate crumbled 7 letters GRANITE
Music graduate seen after drink 5 letters RUMBA
Falsely smile as lacking purpose 7 letters AIMLESS
Time for a shower? 5 letters APRIL
Dancing Ivan too gets warm reception 7 letters OVATION
Look closely at Portugal: fly round? 7 letters INSPECT
Where one parks one’s butt? 7 letters ASHTRAY
One enters wild garden in festival town 7 letters READING
Sort out instruction to waiter 5 letters ORDER
Motif from the Sun compiler? 5 letters THEME
Some jam on going between 5 letters AMONG

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