The Sun Cryptic Crossword January 24 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword January 24 2021 Answers:

Doctor round surgery to wilt 5 letters DROOP
Dad receives a card: get well with it? 7 letters PANACEA
Responsible person? 7 letters CULPRIT
Parched drinking cold bitter 5 letters ACRID
Engaging tale one acted out 8 letters ANECDOTE
Father embraces excellent blonde 4 letters FAIR
Endanger former model 6 letters EXPOSE
Actor Tom takes boat trip 6 letters CRUISE
Pleased to have light out in performance 4 letters DEED
Fool’s speech in Lear production? 8 letters NONSENSE
Wait for call in A&E 5 letters ABIDE
Vegetable to grill with stock 7 letters PUMPKIN
Nelson laid out with injured arm 7 letters ADMIRAL
Man from Elgin drunk 5 letters NIGEL
Command to speak slowly 7 letters DICTATE
Lubricant used in Bolshoi lately 3 letters OIL
Happiness is found in March 8 letters PARADISE
Small man swallows it 6 letters PETITE
Some wine around close at hand 4 letters NEAR
Flower seen in motor race 9 letters CARNATION
Some dread Derbyshire snake 5 letters ADDER
One’s left us for dead 9 letters EUPHEMISM
First-year student cheeky to staff 8 letters FRESHMAN
Bird into ale sloshed: it’s endless 7 letters ETERNAL
How to make do? 6 letters COMPEL
Play in which lawyer hides stuff 5 letters DRAMA
Put up with Paddington? 4 letters BEAR
Beer weekend say 3 letters KEG

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