The Sun Cryptic Crossword January 20 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword January 20 2021 Answers:

Practical husband with boy 7 letters HANDSON
Scavenger heard greeting girl 5 letters HYENA
One transmitting from Brora diocese 5 letters RADIO
Green vine twisted round us 7 letters ENVIOUS
Lawyer maybe railing about street 9 letters BARRISTER
Prepare to shoot first-rate male 3 letters AIM
Failure among Hindu doctors 3 letters DUD
Some hated building this house 9 letters HOMESTEAD
Dog in Nepal is rabid 7 letters SPANIEL
Deception from Emily in Godalming 5 letters LYING
Birds resting here destroyed torso 5 letters ROOST
Undress Romeo among writhing bodies 7 letters DISROBE
Heavenly babe: novice grabs her 6 letters CHERUB
Girl one in goal 4 letters ENID
Surprise greatly: like Villa! 8 letters ASTONISH
Coin in slot? 6 letters INVENT
Tea with very common youth 4 letters CHAV
Forlorn lad to see Dotty 8 letters DESOLATE
Free with money? 6 letters RANSOM
Radio Rat could be cooler in motor 8 letters RADIATOR
Jumpy when deprived of sleep? 8 letters RESTLESS
Doctor rested in wasteland 6 letters DESERT
Mother and posh woman making complaint 6 letters MALADY
Sticking point: good seen in poor grade 6 letters DAGGER
Letter from Eliot answered 4 letters IOTA
Irish working in club 4 letters IRON

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