The Sun Cryptic Crossword January 18 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword January 18 2021 Answers:

Bone in fruit having an angle? 7 letters FISHING
Surprise gift for nurse 5 letters TREAT
Swim and move slowly 5 letters CRAWL
Accept hug 7 letters EMBRACE
Facing pot with pie so cooked 8 letters OPPOSITE
Boss needs time in French south 4 letters STUD
Golden snooker ball 6 letters YELLOW
The ancients were counting on this 6 letters ABACUS
Lover’s meeting in tree 4 letters DATE
Second thoughts in icy extremities? 8 letters COLDFEET
Artist in boat for torrent 7 letters BARRAGE
Hater destroyed our planet 5 letters EARTH
Unlikely year for match 5 letters TALLY
Ordinary person sure to succeed 7 letters NATURAL
Jobs on the line here? 7 letters FACTORY
Gruesome trophy in fiscal policy 5 letters SCALP
Sick American one on for fantasy 8 letters ILLUSION
Get hot working in poor quarter 6 letters GHETTO
Large horn from Bath area 4 letters TUBA
Resilient one in derelict castle 7 letters ELASTIC
Market direction in fashion 5 letters TREND
Disciplined doctor tied bone 8 letters OBEDIENT
Boring drunk left after time 7 letters LITERAL
Guevara posed first with large bag 7 letters SATCHEL
Run leaping over nine hedges? 6 letters GOVERN
United in arrears in first performance 5 letters DEBUT
Fear going topless causes sin 5 letters ERROR
On guard in conflict with Yankee 4 letters WARY

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