The Sun Cryptic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Stock from the two investing rand 5 letters BROTH
Weak pig outside room 7 letters SHALLOW
Less experienced lush with monarch 7 letters GREENER
Story about British food 5 letters TABLE
The plane could be a Jumbo 8 letters ELEPHANT
Hike starts in The Rip ends in the outback 4 letters TREK
Show about meat 6 letters REVEAL
Crook is heartless public official 6 letters CORNER
Most excellent footballer 4 letters BEST
Remote sort of residence 8 letters DETACHED
Direction from Avon or Thames 5 letters NORTH
List rewritten with the Scots emblem 7 letters THISTLE
Hospital priest might be cool cat 7 letters HIPSTER
English vehicles for Welshman? 5 letters EVANS
Stomach after infection is nightmare 7 letters BUGBEAR
Identical in Old Norse and English 3 letters ONE
One following HM into female prison 8 letters HENCHMAN
Right inside Polish tomb 6 letters SHRINE
Good man into excellent wine 4 letters ASTI
Misleading passages found here? 9 letters LABYRINTH
Dishevelled person in crash 5 letters WRECK
Earwig running around over spade 9 letters EAVESDROP
Real female identity in Beano perhaps? 8 letters BONAFIDE
Put right socialist on steamship 7 letters REDRESS
Clown Jack strangely terse 6 letters JESTER
Charlie into cake and hot bananas? 5 letters BUNCH
Drunk captures hearts in photograph 4 letters SHOT
Dante Alighieri holds drink 3 letters TEA

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