The Sun Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Mum has good food for chatterer 6 letters MAGPIE
Parents touring an isthmus? 6 letters PANAMA
Partly open Indian prince in comeback 4 letters AJAR
Lie on bed perhaps being this? 8 letters BONEIDLE
Less vocal waterfowl emu wants beaten 8 letters MUTESWAN
Stream flows west in version 4 letters EDIT
Courage beer container? 6 letters BOTTLE
Unqualified one dropped European course 6 letters ENTREE
Proposal some decide against 4 letters IDEA
Sailor Johnson wants his tea stirred round 8 letters SHIPMATE
Accessory being old remnant remade 8 letters ORNAMENT
Satanic force happening now to return 4 letters EVIL
Say wi-fi connection? 6 letters HYPHEN
Decayed punk Johnny 6 letters ROTTEN
Old province featured in pagan journal 5 letters ANJOU
Flawless Polish 7 letters PERFECT
Joint jumping below 5 letters ELBOW
Coppers to accept an imposed punishment 7 letters PENANCE
Unsophisticated strangely vain English 5 letters NAIVE
Male concealing answer is in discomfort 7 letters MALAISE
Hospital worker certainly not disorganised 7 letters ORDERLY
Magnate at last behind Oriental 7 letters EASTERN
Big blow for English MP in quiz 7 letters TEMPEST
In Austria was Handel inundated? 5 letters AWASH
Playwright quietly leaving Bury 5 letters INTER
Family in Tiber swimming 5 letters TRIBE

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