The Sun Cryptic Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

I rowed recklessly being an odd fish 6 letters WEIRDO
Initially awkward kid in relaxed position 6 letters ATEASE
English crazy about Dutch town 4 letters EDAM
Graduate to loiter and swing the lead 8 letters MALINGER
Shell to retrieve found in swimmer’s lung? 8 letters BREATHER
Young children in shorts 4 letters TOTS
This holds liquid courage! 6 letters BOTTLE
Tidy end of gammon devoured 6 letters NEATEN
Cut good wood 4 letters GASH
China: is it broken in the hatch? 8 letters EGGSHELL
Victorian PM in lair dies horribly 8 letters DISRAELI
Version singer Piaf won’t finish? 4 letters EDIT
Crawler at home with cult 6 letters INSECT
Locomotive one in Leeds crashing 6 letters DIESEL
Firstborn in tree 5 letters ELDER
Sheep on some defensive wall 7 letters RAMPART
Go over twice at speed 5 letters OOMPH
Aircraft controller alien or otherwise 7 letters AILERON
He was surrealist in modern style 5 letters ERNST
Respect in order for this! 7 letters SCEPTRE
Applause from Ivan too spirited 7 letters OVATION
Huge mountain woman tempted others 7 letters EVEREST
Olympian allowed to enter different heat 7 letters ATHLETE
Knight on board runs in leggings 5 letters HORSE
Partner to bump in erotic dance routine? 5 letters GRIND
Oiler ruined French river 5 letters LOIRE

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