The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Pipe diameter associated with showers 5 letters DRAIN
What’s left at bank brings stability 7 letters BALANCE
A new Bond about me in corporation 7 letters ABDOMEN
Elderly assistant about to enter saloon? 5 letters CARER
More adore refurbished landing area 9 letters AERODROME
Somewhat horrendous finale 3 letters END
Arab for example keeps a husky 6 letters HOARSE
Man crazy about the country song 6 letters ANTHEM
Exploit some curious effect 3 letters USE
Terribly ill on beer: is it revolting? 9 letters REBELLION
I was first back round hot metropolis 5 letters DELHI
Smashed cartel retains one item 7 letters ARTICLE
The river in Hades takes no definite course 7 letters DITHERS
Guard not small right to go in 5 letters ENTRY
Tundra man pens play 5 letters DRAMA
An artist accepts party runs microstate 7 letters ANDORRA
Wanderer takes no notice after mile 5 letters NOMAD
Keep talking tediously? Exactly 6 letters BANGON
Cannibal Hannibal’s new reading stand? 7 letters LECTERN
Attend to mysterious runes 5 letters NURSE
Posh title or medal perhaps 7 letters EARLDOM
Dogged dog chased Charles away 7 letters HOUNDED
Fish in nasty drains eaten for starter? 7 letters SARDINE
Means to reduce capital growth? 7 letters HAIRCUT
Underwater craft about to move south 6 letters UBOATS
Story about one raised in resort 5 letters EILAT
Some ball at Headingley that turns 5 letters LATHE
English editor in New York in dire straits 5 letters NEEDY

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