The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Blokes in mine love hot pepper 7 letters PIMENTO
Extreme characters eye Montezuma? 5 letters AZTEC
Playing only new material 5 letters NYLON
Captain succeeded with fish 7 letters SKIPPER
Rising island in the Atlantic 9 letters ASCENSION
Bag in Kinshasa customs 3 letters SAC
Disused old tractor starts for Dorothy 3 letters DOT
Nice actor prepared for additional part 9 letters ACCRETION
Daily compiler right sweet talker? 7 letters CHARMER
Alternative given in hypnotherapy 5 letters OTHER
Work out this answer? 5 letters GUESS
Supporter blonde heard trumpet call 7 letters FANFARE
European in Paris and confused 8 letters SPANIARD
Understood I am parking legally 8 letters IMPLICIT
Man one to be skinned soon 4 letters ANON
Miniature basin broken: nothing in that 6 letters BONSAI
Game requiring forbearance 8 letters PATIENCE
Close second to peloton’s leader 4 letters STOP
Mark’s in this carriage 4 letters SCAR
Narrow escape as miners rioting 8 letters NEARMISS
Distressed supremacist? 8 letters SKINHEAD
Is able to sign for Norwich City? 8 letters CANARIES
Gunners in bar drink from this 6 letters CARAFE
Composer’s pen 4 letters CAGE
Port served in a speakeasy? 4 letters ADEN
Nothing to write with? Pen’s sound! 4 letters OINK

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