The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Reptile again out round university 6 letters IGUANA
Smart old Pence slammed paper 6 letters DAPPER
Road through Hull an exit 4 letters LANE
Flat accommodation for one letter? 8 letters ENVELOPE
One writes news about beer 8 letters REPORTER
Some unfortunate swimmer 4 letters TUNA
A paper sent out to be published 6 letters APPEAR
Errol disheartened quits side 6 letters ELEVEN
Sent back utensils crack 4 letters SNAP
Mild oath referring to restless sort 8 letters GADABOUT
Rebuilt atrium is sweet 8 letters TIRAMISU
Religious words just audible 4 letters RITE
Difficult to endure cut close to bone 6 letters SEVERE
Cattle worker runs into Kent port 6 letters DROVER
Angry look from burglar exiting 5 letters GLARE
Totally cool ewe Amos trained 7 letters AWESOME
Six-footer traps extremely gullible spy 5 letters AGENT
Split decision? 7 letters DIVORCE
Do the Wright thing? 5 letters PILOT
Outgoing submarine docks in river 7 letters EXPENSE
Page seven rewritten about one in thought 7 letters PENSIVE
I’m great playing music 7 letters RAGTIME
Zero to interest me about trade ban 7 letters EMBARGO
Silence from gym guru? 5 letters PEACE
Stonehenge worshipper did without sport 5 letters DRUID
Female relative topless let loose 5 letters UNTIE

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