The Sun Coffee Time Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

It makes the skirt stick out in hurried activity 6 letters BUSTLE
Embraces pupils going round quietly 6 letters CLASPS
Skill of crew member with swelled head between two vessels 13 letters
It’s clear I should figure in the result 7 letters EVIDENT
Wear away by writing poetry after hesitation 5 letters ERODE
As produced by ill-tempered photographer 5 letters SNAPS
Put one’s foot down on what the envelope may bear 5 letters STAMP
Vessel that goes just under the surface? 5 letters LINER
Skill is needed on article produced by worker 7 letters ARTISAN
In summer beret could serve as repayment 13 letters
A number have something to prize being intelligent 6 letters CLEVER
In the morning accustomed to being diverted 6 letters AMUSED
One who retreats from gambling? 6 letters BACKER
One’s position is no dead-end place on the railway (724) 13 letters STATIONINLIFE
Forgetfulness evidenced by articles in French and English 5 letters LETHE
Clement allowed nine in to change 7 letters LENIENT
Do they train whales? 13 letters
Drank up and hurried round 6 letters SUPPED
Worker in metals is part of the organism I think 5 letters SMITH
Moral story can add to state of equality 7 letters PARABLE
Minister turns full circle 6 letters CLERIC
Cause Henry a lot of trouble 5 letters HARRY
Combined in duet 6 letters UNITED
Gas used in other machines 5 letters THERM

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