The Sun Coffee Time Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Direction finder 7 letters COMPASS
Drink to 5 letters TOAST
Thong 5 letters STRAP
Grassy plain 7 letters PRAIRIE
Ready to accept 8 letters AMENABLE
Small railway station 4 letters HALT
Evening repast 6 letters DINNER
Cups saucers and plates 6 letters TEASET
Escapade 4 letters LARK
Deliberately destroy 8 letters SABOTAGE
Unyielding 7 letters ADAMANT
Astound 5 letters AMAZE
Adversary 5 letters ENEMY
Landscape 7 letters SCENERY
Dessert accompaniment 7 letters CUSTARD
Amalgamate 5 letters MERGE
ABC 8 letters ALPHABET
Make available 6 letters SUPPLY
Amphibian 4 letters TOAD
Unpaid debts 7 letters ARREARS
Surprise gift 5 letters TREAT
Citrus quencher 8 letters LEMONADE
Recount 7 letters NARRATE
By that means 7 letters THEREBY
Predatory insect 6 letters MANTIS
Depart 5 letters LEAVE
Chalcedony 5 letters AGATE
More than a few 4 letters MANY

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