The Sun Coffee Time Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Devout or saintly 5 letters PIOUS
Solar blemish 7 letters SUNSPOT
Insect nest 7 letters ANTHILL
Orchard 5 letters GROVE
Making amends 9 letters ATONEMENT
Diminutive of Desmond 3 letters DES
Picturesque 6 letters SCENIC
Ordained cleric 6 letters DEACON
Actor’s hint 3 letters CUE
Fine earthenware 9 letters PORCELAIN
Strong impulses 5 letters URGES
Power generator 7 letters TURBINE
Electricity source 7 letters BATTERY
In that respect 5 letters THERE
Public area 5 letters PLAZA
Consequence 7 letters OUTCOME
Poor golf shot 5 letters SLICE
Precious metal 6 letters SILVER
Sleepwear 7 letters NIGHTIE
Arrogant 5 letters PROUD
Act of disloyalty 7 letters TREASON
Capitulate 7 letters SUCCUMB
Deadlock 7 letters IMPASSE
Communion goblet 7 letters CHALICE
Rather 6 letters PRETTY
Rowing team 5 letters EIGHT
Marsh wader 5 letters EGRET
Sibling’s daughter 5 letters NIECE

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