The Sun Coffee Time Crossword October 17 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword October 17 2021 Answers:

Incriminate 5 letters FRAME
Bargee 7 letters BOATMAN
Encrypted 7 letters ENCODED
Confessed 5 letters OWNED
Poured from one container to another 8 letters DECANTED
Enormous 4 letters HUGE
Campanologist 6 letters RINGER
Gaming room 6 letters CASINO
Unit of power 4 letters WATT
East Sussex resort 8 letters HASTINGS
Make formal speech 5 letters ORATE
Free from deceit 7 letters SINCERE
Affectedly refined 7 letters GENTEEL
Awaken 5 letters ROUSE
Third man e.g. 7 letters FIELDER
Curve 3 letters ARC
Imperil 8 letters ENDANGER
Nocturnal mammal 6 letters BADGER
One billion years 4 letters AEON
Person from Manchester 9 letters MANCUNIAN
Gentle prod 5 letters NUDGE
Restrict 9 letters CONSTRAIN
Clip or catch 8 letters FASTENER
Disgusting 7 letters OBSCENE
Maiden 6 letters DAMSEL
Incorrect 5 letters WRONG
In this place 4 letters HERE
Flightless creature 3 letters EMU

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