The Sun Coffee Time Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Leitmotiv 5 letters THEME
Require to attend court 7 letters SUMMONS
Insulting 7 letters ABUSIVE
Synthetic fabric 5 letters NYLON
Sincere 9 letters HEARTFELT
Small songbird 3 letters TIT
Delineate 6 letters SKETCH
Regard 6 letters ESTEEM
Technique 3 letters ART
Level-headed 9 letters REALISTIC
Perfect 5 letters IDEAL
Crash-helmet 7 letters SKIDLID
Knead 7 letters MASSAGE
Ponderous 5 letters HEAVY
Garbage 5 letters TRASH
Instruct 7 letters EDUCATE
Survive 5 letters EXIST
Scandinavian nation 6 letters SWEDEN
Meeting notes 7 letters MINUTES
Baby bird 5 letters OWLET
Private retreat 7 letters SANCTUM
Arena 7 letters STADIUM
Petals collectively 7 letters COROLLA
Dickensian heroine 7 letters ESTELLA
Famed collie 6 letters LASSIE
Adolescents 5 letters TEENS
Hibernian 5 letters IRISH
Tin for tea 5 letters CADDY

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