The Sun Coffee Time Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Decline to vote 7 letters ABSTAIN
Wonderland heroine 5 letters ALICE
Jack 5 letters KNAVE
Himalayan mountain 7 letters EVEREST
Cockney e.g. 9 letters EASTENDER
Sin or stray 3 letters ERR
Zero 3 letters NIL
Expulsion 9 letters DISMISSAL
Hopelessness 7 letters DESPAIR
Room on ship 5 letters CABIN
Assassinated 5 letters SLAIN
Avoiding commitment 7 letters EVASIVE
Harsh laugh 6 letters CACKLE
Largest continent 4 letters ASIA
Oil-rich crop 8 letters RAPESEED
Absolutely 6 letters INDEED
Rational 4 letters SANE
Indefatigable 8 letters TIRELESS
More desirable 6 letters BETTER
Commercial traveller 8 letters SALESMAN
Mackintosh 8 letters RAINCOAT
Naturism 6 letters NUDISM
Iced dessert 6 letters SORBET
Cavalryman 6 letters LANCER
Female relative 4 letters AUNT
Inflamed swelling 4 letters BOIL

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