The Sun Coffee Time Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Truancy 7 letters ABSENCE
Royal racecourse 5 letters ASCOT
Together (with) 5 letters ALONG
Mimic 7 letters IMITATE
Charged particle 8 letters ELECTRON
Land in sea 4 letters ISLE
Eliminate 6 letters REMOVE
Picked 6 letters CHOSEN
Actuality 4 letters FACT
Pachyderm 8 letters ELEPHANT
Gem 7 letters EMERALD
Coral reef 5 letters ATOLL
Great fear 5 letters DREAD
Highest peak 7 letters EVEREST
Dabbler 7 letters AMATEUR
Scottish palace 5 letters SCONE
Not positive 8 letters NEGATIVE
US inventor Thomas 6 letters EDISON
Parched 4 letters ARID
Vehicular base frame 7 letters CHASSIS
Leitmotiv 5 letters THEME
Fellow sailor 8 letters SHIPMATE
Broad blade 7 letters MACHETE
Folded card 7 letters NOTELET
Solemn oath 6 letters PLEDGE
Pasture 5 letters FIELD
Domicile 5 letters ABODE
Without hair 4 letters BALD

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