The Sun Coffee Time Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Political coalition 4 letters BLOC
Legendary city 8 letters ELDORADO
Hinder or obstruct 6 letters STYMIE
Send into water 6 letters LAUNCH
No Republican 8 letters DEMOCRAT
Profound 4 letters DEEP
Climb down using rope 6 letters ABSEIL
Apprehend 6 letters ARREST
Dressed 4 letters CLAD
Reddish-brown equine 8 letters CHESTNUT
Riddle 6 letters ENIGMA
Possibility or preference 6 letters OPTION
Forsaking alcohol 8 letters TEETOTAL
Appointment 4 letters DATE
Wood-shaping tool 5 letters LATHE
Chest of drawers 7 letters COMMODE
Female sheep 3 letters EWE
Dutch crockery 9 letters DELFTWARE
Rather fat 5 letters ROUND
Titled female 7 letters DUCHESS
Unwilling 9 letters RELUCTANT
Stability 7 letters BALANCE
Revolved 7 letters ROTATED
Figure 5 letters DIGIT
WW2 submarine 5 letters UBOAT
Nocturnal hunter 3 letters OWL

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