The Sun Coffee Time Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Steed Purdey or Gambit 7 letters AVENGER
Immature insect 5 letters LARVA
Label 5 letters BRAND
Order 7 letters COMMAND
Twin-hulled craft 9 letters CATAMARAN
Untruth 3 letters FIB
Corn spike 3 letters EAR
Hooped petticoat 9 letters CRINOLINE
Chorus 7 letters REFRAIN
Former anaesthetic 5 letters ETHER
Military shade 5 letters KHAKI
Submarine weapon 7 letters TORPEDO
Outdoor grill 8 letters BARBECUE
Carafe 8 letters DECANTER
Ancient 4 letters AGED
Food retailer 6 letters GROCER
Gypsy dance 8 letters FLAMENCO
Neighbourhood 4 letters AREA
Hairless 4 letters BALD
Soft leather shoe 8 letters MOCCASIN
Scare 8 letters FRIGHTEN
Salad vegetable 8 letters BEETROOT
Set alight 6 letters IGNITE
Gardening implement 4 letters RAKE
Open tart 4 letters FLAN
British peer 4 letters EARL

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