The Sun Coffee Time Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Two-wheeler 5 letters CYCLE
Proclaim 7 letters DECLARE
Beginning 7 letters GENESIS
US symbol 5 letters EAGLE
Accused person 9 letters DEFENDANT
Fish spawn 3 letters ROE
Market cart 6 letters BARROW
Very passionate 6 letters ARDENT
Scold 3 letters NAG
Tower official 9 letters BEEFEATER
Custom 5 letters HABIT
Scholarly 7 letters LEARNED
Tweezers target 7 letters EYEBROW
In that respect 5 letters THERE
Behind bars 5 letters CAGED
Fir or pine 7 letters CONIFER
City on Ruhr 5 letters ESSEN
Cheerless 6 letters DISMAL
God 7 letters CREATOR
Wrath 5 letters ANGER
Component 7 letters ELEMENT
Wailing female 7 letters BANSHEE
Satellite 7 letters ORBITER
Diplomatic accord 7 letters ENTENTE
Colleague 6 letters FELLOW
Roof end 5 letters GABLE
Accurate 5 letters EXACT
Crest 5 letters RIDGE

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