The Sun Coffee Time Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Old car 6 letters BANGER
Female warrior 6 letters AMAZON
Caribbean island 4 letters CUBA
Cenotaph e.g. 8 letters MEMORIAL
Kill one in ten 8 letters DECIMATE
Hiding place 4 letters LAIR
Movie theatre 6 letters CINEMA
Holy place 6 letters SHRINE
Scandinavian city 4 letters OSLO
Bard’s Anne 8 letters HATHAWAY
French policeman 8 letters GENDARME
Golf club 4 letters IRON
Building level 6 letters STOREY
Employ 6 letters ENGAGE
Severe 5 letters ACUTE
Coarse-grained rock 7 letters GRANITE
Afro-Cuban dance 5 letters RUMBA
Having no direction 7 letters AIMLESS
Spring month 5 letters APRIL
Sustained applause 7 letters OVATION
Scrutinise 7 letters INSPECT
Smoker’s receptacle 7 letters ASHTRAY
Interpretation 7 letters READING
Peace and harmony 5 letters ORDER
Unifying idea 5 letters THEME
Surrounded by 5 letters AMONG

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