The Sun Coffee Time Crossword January 24 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword January 24 2021 Answers:

Hang down 5 letters DROOP
Cure-all 7 letters PANACEA
Guilty party 7 letters CULPRIT
Unpleasantly sharp 5 letters ACRID
Amusing account 8 letters ANECDOTE
Reasonable 4 letters FAIR
Reveal 6 letters EXPOSE
Pleasure voyage 6 letters CRUISE
Action 4 letters DEED
Rubbish 8 letters NONSENSE
Dwell 5 letters ABIDE
Halloween gourd 7 letters PUMPKIN
Naval rank 7 letters ADMIRAL
Violinist Kennedy 5 letters NIGEL
Give orders 7 letters DICTATE
Black gold 3 letters OIL
Shangri-La 8 letters PARADISE
Daintily-built 6 letters PETITE
Approach 4 letters NEAR
Deep pink bloom 9 letters CARNATION
Viper 5 letters ADDER
Indirect expression 9 letters EUPHEMISM
College newbie 8 letters FRESHMAN
Immortal 7 letters ETERNAL
Coerce 6 letters COMPEL
Exciting situation 5 letters DRAMA
Carry 4 letters BEAR
Barrel 3 letters KEG

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