The Sun Coffee Time Crossword January 18 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword January 18 2021 Answers:

Trawler’s work 7 letters FISHING
Minister to 5 letters TREAT
Go on hands and knees 5 letters CRAWL
Cuddle 7 letters EMBRACE
Antithesis 8 letters OPPOSITE
Fastener 4 letters STUD
Cowardly 6 letters YELLOW
Early calculator 6 letters ABACUS
Appointment 4 letters DATE
Strong apprehension 8 letters COLDFEET
Bombardment 7 letters BARRAGE
Soil 5 letters EARTH
Correspond 5 letters TALLY
Unaffected 7 letters NATURAL
Manufacturing plant 7 letters FACTORY
Skin on head 5 letters SCALP
Mirage 8 letters ILLUSION
Slum area 6 letters GHETTO
Brass instrument 4 letters TUBA
Flexible 7 letters ELASTIC
Vogue 5 letters TREND
Conforming 8 letters OBEDIENT
Verbatim 7 letters LITERAL
Schoolbag 7 letters SATCHEL
Wield authority 6 letters GOVERN
Entrance into society 5 letters DEBUT
Blunder 5 letters ERROR
Cautious 4 letters WARY

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