The Sun Coffee Time Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Auditorium 7 letters THEATRE
70s nightclub 5 letters DISCO
Map detail 5 letters INSET
Transgression 7 letters OFFENCE
Impetus 8 letters MOMENTUM
Fluid measure 4 letters PINT
Husky 6 letters HOARSE
Preoccupy 6 letters OBSESS
London art resource 4 letters TATE
Flying fox 8 letters FRUITBAT
Lasagna ingredient 7 letters RICOTTA
Heavenly being 5 letters ANGEL
Puppy 5 letters WHELP
Female name 7 letters ELEANOR
Great victory 7 letters TRIUMPH
Surrey racecourse 5 letters EPSOM
Giant goddess 8 letters TITANESS
Migration 6 letters EXODUS
Silly 4 letters DAFT
Dawn 7 letters SUNRISE
Blatant 5 letters OVERT
Renounce throne 8 letters ABDICATE
Diplomatic official 7 letters ATTACHE
Homesteader 7 letters SETTLER
Covered walk 6 letters ARCADE
Fling 5 letters THROW
Commence 5 letters BEGIN
Pace 4 letters STEP

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