The Sun Coffee Time Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Culvert 5 letters DRAIN
Poise 7 letters BALANCE
Midriff 7 letters ABDOMEN
Nursing home worker 5 letters CARER
Small airfield 9 letters AERODROME
Aim 3 letters END
Sounding gruff 6 letters HOARSE
Patriotic music 6 letters ANTHEM
Employ 3 letters USE
Uprising 9 letters REBELLION
Indian capital territory 5 letters DELHI
Magazine feature 7 letters ARTICLE
Wavers 7 letters DITHERS
Admission 5 letters ENTRY
Theatrical work 5 letters DRAMA
Iberian principality 7 letters ANDORRA
Bedouin e.g. 5 letters NOMAD
Absolutely right 6 letters BANGON
Reading desk 7 letters LECTERN
Care for 5 letters NURSE
Nobleman’s estate 7 letters EARLDOM
Harassed 7 letters HOUNDED
Young pilchard 7 letters SARDINE
Coiffure 7 letters HAIRCUT
WW2 submarines 6 letters UBOATS
Israeli city 5 letters EILAT
Wood-shaping tool 5 letters LATHE
Destitute 5 letters NEEDY

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