The Sun Coffee Time Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Allspice 7 letters PIMENTO
Ancient Mexican 5 letters AZTEC
Synthetic fabric 5 letters NYLON
Lead a team 7 letters SKIPPER
A way up 9 letters ASCENSION
Anatomical pouch 3 letters SAC
Point 3 letters DOT
Slow build-up 9 letters ACCRETION
Ladies’ man 7 letters CHARMER
Different 5 letters OTHER
Conjecture 5 letters GUESS
Brass flourish 7 letters FANFARE
Madrid native 8 letters SPANIARD
Implied 8 letters IMPLICIT
In due time 4 letters ANON
Tree-dwarfing art 6 letters BONSAI
Virtuous trait 8 letters PATIENCE
Terminate 4 letters STOP
Blemish 4 letters SCAR
Close shave 8 letters NEARMISS
Shaven-headed thug 8 letters SKINHEAD
Yellow birds 8 letters CANARIES
Wine container 6 letters CARAFE
Avian enclosure 4 letters CAGE
Yemeni seaport 4 letters ADEN
Sound from sty 4 letters OINK

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